Among Us v2021.5.12 APK Download

Hello friends, welcome to your on our Website Today I am going to tell you about a very Funny Game Among Us v2021.5.12 APK Download. I am already playing this game for a long time and I enjoying this game every day. If you also want to know about this game then you can read this complete article. If you are playing this game then you cannot be bored by playing this game. The game concept is very good here you can understand it easily. So let`s be started.

It is an Astronaut game that is played in space and inside it here is a team. Which consists of some crew members. With whom you have to complete some tasks. But inside these crew members, there is a hidden murderer named Imposter. There is a different role of the murderer in it. Who has to do some different work on this own. Crew members have to identify this Imposter. The crew member has to do some different work and tasks.

How To Entry In Among Us v2021.5.12 APK Download

It has two options for entry.

  • Local
  • Online

Local:- You can host a local match yourself with your friends.

Online:- If you are hosting in this game then you have to call anyone. In this, you can do anything inside or outside of your wish. If you are the host, you will be able to play better with your friends. If you are not the host, then click on the public option, In which you will see a lot of matches. Now you can go to any match of your own wish.

Among Us v2021.5.12 APK Download

As soon as you start your game, All your crew members will reach a rocket in space. You can also talk to your crew members through chat. If you keep a Killer or Imposter in it, then you should have 4 crew members. And you have 2 Imposters then 7 crew members should be selected. If you have 3 Imposters then there should be at least 9 or 10 crew members. The Imposter secretly kills its group members. These Imposters do not have to do any such thing so that the crew members can recognize this Imposter, Because the group member does not know who is the Imposter and he is busy compiling his tasks. The tasks you are given inside it are very easy.

Among Us is a very fun game that is very fun to play. I used to really like this game. The concept of this game is very easy, due to which there is not much difficulty in understanding this game. Also, it would be a good time spread. You will not feel that you are bored playing this game. The sooner you understand this game, the more fun you will have in that game.

Download Among Us APK

App Name Among Us
Size 118 MB
Released On 15 Jun 2018


Downloads 1,00,000,000+
Offered by Innersloth LLC
Join Us
Price Free(Premium & unlocked)
Download On
Updated On 12 May 2021

Among Us v2021.5.12 APK Features

The features of this game are very good, due to which one can easily understand and play it. you cannot say that his game is useless or its features useless. I think you should be Among Us v2021.5.12 APK Download.

Great Graphics

While it is a fun game, its graphics are not much better. But that does not mean that the game is worthless. Because of which this game works very well. Even after its graphics is not very good. Is a fun game, because of which a lot of people play it.

Online Gaming

This is an online game in which you can play with your friends from your home. Otherwise, You can play it with Random players too. You will use a code to call your friends in it. So that he will be able to come to you and you will become a team.

How To Download And Install Among Us APK?

Remember: If you download the Among Us v2021.5.12 APK for the other platform so you can uninstall it right now and Download Form the Play Store.

Step 1 – If you want to download this game, then search the play store otherwise you can download it from our link.

Step 2 – Install APK: If you want to download it, then click on the option to install.

Step 3– Launch APK: As soon as this game is installed, then the phone processor will scan it. Now you will see the game icon just tap on it and play it.


We hope you liked this information without any problem. If you want to play a game with your friends, then tell them about this game and invite them to you. Share your experience game with your friends and relatives.

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