Swordigo v1.4.3 APK Download

Hello everyone, welcome to our Website Filmibeat.org. Today will discuss Swordigo v1.4.3 APK. This is a very amazing game. That game is full of adventure. This is an offline game. I am already playing this game for more than one year. I enjoy playing this game. It is a type of mission game. In this game, a boy kills several monsters while following the master`s orders. It saves a lot of people. If you want to play adventurous offline games, then this is the best game. We should thank the creators of this game. You can play this game anytime and anywhere. So you have Swordigo v1.4.3 APK Download it.

When you start playing this game, you will get the boy character in it. The graphics of this game are good. Both the sound and music of this game are good. You can turn on or off its sound and music as your wish. This is a completely free game. In this game, you will get some diamonds from the monsters you kill. Your lifeline is very shot at the beginning of this game. There is a shop inside it from here you can purchase your items. If you get stuck somewhere in this game, you can go to some other place. You can easily find out where you are by map in it. Each stage has small missions that you have to do. You will enjoy doing them, So I think you should be Swordigo v1.4.3 APK Download.

How To Entry in Swordigo v1.4.3 APK Download

  • First of all, you have to open your game.
  • Now click on the start option.
  • Then set your name.
  • Now you can play it.


Swardigo is a low-size gaming app that you can easily play on any Android Phone. The music and sound of this game are very nice. It is too easy a game. Anyone can understand it easily. Because it is a  low-size gaming app, It works very well. If your brother and sister play this game, then they make our account. Because this game has no side effects so anyone can play it. So you have Swordigo v1.4.3 APK Download easily.

Your character in this is a boy. In this, your character is given a sword so that he can kill his enemies. As you progress in the game, your enemies will also more than powerful. By killing them, your powers will also increase. In this game, you will see your health as your heart. In this, you can upgrade your character as well as your power.

Swordigo v1.4.3 APK Download

App Name Swordigo
Version 1.4.3
Downloads 1,00,000,000+
Size 52.59 MB


27 February 2014
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 Swordigo v1.4.3 APK Features

Swordigo v1.4.3 APK  features are very amazing. The graphics of this game is good. The sounds are very nice. So let`s talk about some more amazing features.

Amazing Graphics

The Swordigo game is low in size and easily runs on android phones. Its graphics are quite good. In its graphics, you get to see beautiful locations. Due to this, you are not bored. These graphics are nice and beautiful.

Offline Game


This is a good offline game. If you keep your phone`s internet on, Then you will have an Adsense problem. For this, you should keep your internet off, so that you can not Adsense problem.

Coins & Diamonds

In this game, you will find shops or stores from where you can purchase items as per your requirement. For this, you must have Diamonds. Which you can be purchasing your money or if you can earn diamonds for playing that game.

Health, Attack & Magic Powers

As your player level increases in the game. Then you will see a notification in the game, now click on the power you want to max first.

How To Download And Install Swordigo v1.4.3 APK?

Remember – If you have not downloaded this game from the play store. So delete it right now and download it from the play store.

Step 1 – We have given the direct link to this game in our game information, which you will take directly to the play store from where you can download it.

Step 2 – Go To The Play Store – First of all, open your play store and search on Swardigo. Now you will see the Swordigo game.

Step 3 – Install APK – Now click on the install option. After, some time your game has been installed.

Step 4 – Launch APK – As soon as this game is installed. Now you can will this game.


We hope that you have understood all the information about this game without any problem. If you like the information about this amazing game, then please comment and share as.

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